Leather 101

1-2 hour class to get a better understanding of the varieties of different Leathers proper placement and the basics of proper care and maintenance. 

Cleaning and Conditioning

This half day class explains the scientific approach to cleaning multiple substrates including; natural Leather, faux leathers and textiles.

Clean, Condition, Touchup

This 2 day class is designed to teach techniques in cleaning, conditioning and touching up of leather furniture. In addition to leather identification we demonstrate and teach how to rectify ink marks, cuts, abrasions, holes, and discoloration on leather and faux leather/

Leather Furniture Maintenance and Restoration

This 5 day class includes leather cleaning, conditioning, touch ups, repairs and restoration including color matching. 


If you are interested in a class or need a class that's more specific to your line of work, please call The Leather Institute for more detailed information 732.530.3220