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Corporate Clients need their interior furnishings to reflect their image. Aesthetics are important when a client comes to visit. The Leather Institute provides services to many Fortune 500 companies, high end hotels and restaurants, law firms and government offices.

These companies see the value of maintaining their leather furnishings and recognize the useful life can be greatly increased all while maintaining the original aesthetic beauty.

Whether it is an executives office chair, the conference room or reception area you can rely on The Leather Institute and our affiliates to provide you with the services, products and knowledge to keep your leather looking like new.

Leather Services Include:


  • The leather is first dusted or vacuumed gently to remove airborne contaminates. Next, the finished leathers will be cleaned using The Leather Institutes pH balanced Finished Leather Cleaner. The leather is then conditioned to lubricate the fibers. 


  • The Leather Institute has the ability to remove ink stains as well as repairing scuffs, holes and abrasions. Larger holes may require upholstery of the panel or entire piece of furniture. 


  • Complete restoration of leather to bring it back your furniture to like new condition. 


  • Should the leather be beyond the point of restoration, an additional option is to reupholster the unit. We remove and replace the existing leather with leather of your choice. We have the ability to custom match any leather, retaining the original aesthetics or giving you an entirely new look. New padding or spring systems may be incorporated if needed.


  • It pays to implement a maintenance program to extend the life of your leathers. Starting with an assessment of the current wear patterns, we have the capability to develop a program to keep your furniture looking like new. The frequency of maintenance depends on the amount of traffic the units have to bear. Trained certified technicians can extend the life of all types of leather, adding years of use to your investment. 

Fabric Services:

  • The Leather Institute provides services for fabric furniture using our high power foaming machines. The foam application allows the furniture to dry in a short period of time.
    • Cleaning of general soiling
    • Removal of minor stains
    • Application of Scotchgard protection

Carpet Cleaning Services:

  • The Leather Institute provides cleaning services using our high powered foaming machines allowing the carpets to dry in a short period of time 
    • Cleaning of general soiling
    • Removal of minor stains