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Get on board the Maintenance Program:

With the cost of reupholstering and down-time, it pays to implement a maintenance program to extend the life of your leathers. Starting with an assessment of the current wear patterns of your interiors, we have the capability to develop a schedule to keep your interiors looking like new. The frequency of maintenance depends largely on the size of the interior and the amount of traffic the units will have to bear. Usage differs widely from aircraft to aircraft, even within the cabin itself. We have developed an FAA approved system that can extend the life of seating on an aircraft to 10 years or more while still looking like new!

Level 1 - Preventative Maintenance - Cleaning, Conditioning, Touch-up

The Level 1 process was designed for leather that is still in good condition, showing some history of use such as worn spots and stains. The leather is dusted or vacuumed gently to remove airborne contaminates. Next, the finished leather will be cleaned using The Leather Institute's pH balanced Finished Leather Cleaner. Our proprietary cleaners are safe for leather and can be used with confidence as they have FAA approval. These products have been tested and show that prolonged use will not affect continuous compliance. Touch-up includes removal and correction of scuffs, stains, minor holes, abrasions and ink marks. After cleaning and touch-up, conditioner is applied to help lubricate fibers and leave a protective barrier coating making subsequent cleanings easier. 

Level 2 - Clean/Condition/Touch Up with Color Enhancement of High Wear Areas

The Level 2 service provides all that is included in Level 1 plus the color enhancement of various high wear areas. The high wear areas are defined as: the arms, the aisle side backrest and the seat base cushion. Each can be brought back to a like new condition. Protective top coat will be applied to help ensure greater durability.

Level 3 - Color Enhancement and Restoration

The Level 3 process was developed to provide new life to leather with significant wear and/or discoloration where the underlying leather is still in good condition. Restoration will bring your leather back to looking, feeling and performing just like new. 

Beyond Cabin Seats, Additional Services Include: 

  • Dado Panels
  • Lavatory Seating Area                                                            
  • Table Top                                                                                     
  • Crew Seat